3 Things to do Immediately After Your Wedding

Some things change automatically, while some others change gradually when people get married. For instance, friends and family members of the two parties in a marriage re-adjust their relationship in order to give the newly-married couple more time to themselves. A woman's title may also change with immediate effect at least unofficially. She is no longer "Miss" but now "Mrs". 

But there are 3 important things that will never change, unless you take step. What you find below is a list of those things. 

1. Next of kins: a lot of people start working as a bachelor or spinster. And for that reason, it is more likely that they would have used some other family members or friends as their next of kins other than their spouse/partner. 

A lot of these people do not usually remember to do anything about this aspect of their official records as soon as they get married until it is too late. 

When people fail or forget to make this change what it means is that it is these people whose names are submitted as their close relations that would be officially recognised when the need arises. 

So the point is, it is crucially important to change next of kin to one's spouse so that her/his interest will not be jeopardised in case of any unexpected incident. 

Instead of allowing some other people to be settled for one's entitlements, it is better to change the name to that of the right person. 

2. Will: this is another important thing that one should do soon after marriage. If you have not started writing your Will, it is advisable to commence that as soon as you are married to avoid some unpleasant consequences. 

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If one is married and there is no Will and if anything happens (i.e. in case one of the spouses dies), the living spouse does not automatically become the beneficiary. Other family members may spring up to lay claim. 

3. Change of name: by practice it is appropriate to either do a change of name through newspaper publication or to depose to an affidavit in a court of law to show that as a result of marriage one's name has changed. 

This applies mainly to women. It is important to do it in order to avert unnecessary administrative hiccups. 

I think you've gained from this post. If there are other things that are omitted, use the comment form below to inform readers. 

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